Short Beard Styles


Top 40 Short Beard Styles (2022 updated)

There are infinite designs to select from when it comes to short beard styles (2022 updated), and they are perfect for men that prefer to maintain facial strands that are not very thick. But, just like with other beard styles what you can have will depend on the growth pattern of your facial hair and your shaving skills. Here are some short beard styles that you can wear when you want to keep things short.

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  1. Flawless Uniformity : A full beard style is not just about leaving some hair throughout the face because you can still take the appearance a notch by giving the whiskers a perfect uniformity like in this style.  top 50 short beard styles
  2. Faded Perfection : This facial hair design starts with a fade to create a disconnection with the hairstyle, but it transitions to a small goatee that connects to handlebars to create an impressive style.
    top 50 short beard styles
  3. Disconnected Stubble : This short stubble is natural without any fancy cuts or styling except for the smooth shave around the ear to create a disconnection with the hair at the top.
  4. The Natural Stubble : A little patience is all that you need because this beard design only requires you to grow out the whiskers to a long stubble length.
    top 50 beard styles
  5. The Van Dyke : The Van Dyke is among the most stylish designs that a man can wear. This particular one has a ducktail goatee and smooth-shaven cheeks that make it look splendid.
    top 50 short beard styles
  6. Sharp and Detailed : Elegant short beard styles like this one are about keeping things simple and creative. To do this, you should shave the cheeks short while leaving the chin strap long for a shadow appearance and pair this with a nice mustache and soul patch.
    short beard styles
  7. Impeccable and Fashionable : The neatness of this short beard is what makes it stand out. It is full with a connected mustache and soul patch, and it pairs with the man bun to give the man an elegant appearance.
    short beard styles
  8. Short and Patchy : A patchy beard like this one will work for any guy that has some hair on the face. It requires one to maintain a mustache and some strands on the sides that connect to a goatee and soul patch.
  9. Neat and Classic Look : This design is about maintaining some uniform strands throughout the face, but the soul patch and handlebars are what give it a classic look.
    short beard styles
  10. Grown Out Stubble : This look is what a man will get after going for a few days without a shave. The design is attractive and simple because you only have to let your beard grow out.
  11. Untouched Elegance : As elegant as this beard looks it does not require any cuts or styling. It is a natural beard that combines medium stubble with handlebars and a cute soul patch.
  12. Pretty with a Van Dyke Look : The combination of the handlebars, soul patch, and goatee in this design creates an attractive Van Dyke beard design, and the cute sideburns help to spice up the look.
  13. Unkempt and Full : Some short beard styles like this one will only work for men with hair all over the face including a mustache and soul patch. It is an attractive design that you can achieve by giving your beard an unkempt appearance.
  14. Clean Masculine Look : This masculine look comes from a full beard which you only need to give a beautiful trim throughout the face for some uniformity and a clean finish.
  15. Low Untrimmed Stubble : Short beard styles do not always require you to do a lot of cutting and shaping up. A style like this one, for example, is all about going for a couple of days without shaving your face and leaving some thick sideburn.
  16. Buzzed Face : The buzzed look on the full beard and mustache in this style are a result of using a beard shaving machine skillfully. The buzzing creates short and impeccable facial strands that are perfect for a clean formal look.
  17. Fuzz Look : The fuzz look on this design comes from leaving the beard without shaving for some time. You should then give it a uniform trim and make the section of the sideburns that connects to the head a little shorter for a tapered beard look.
  18. Naturally Gray Short Beard : These facial whiskers are full and on the same level as the strands on the head, but they also have a beautiful gray shade that also adds to their elegance.
  19. Well Defined Goatee and Moustache : Although this style also maintains some hair on the cheeks, the mustache and the goatee are longer than the sides, and this gives them an adorable and well-defined appearance.
  20. Thin and Spread Out : Thin facial strands are perfect when you do not want to draw attention away from your hairdo. This style also adds some flavor to the thin whiskers by leaving the neck unshaven for a spread out look.
  21. Stylish Gentleman Beard : It is imperative always to keep in mind that a bad beard can ruin your appearance and this is regardless of what outfit and haircut you have. However, keeping things simple with short and simple whiskers like these is an easy way to guarantee that you always look stylish.
  22. Shadowed Chinstrap : The thin chinstrap beard connects well with the strands on the head, and it has an original trim that gives it a shadowed look. It also pairs with a small moustache and soul patch to create a chic overall look.
  23. Cool and Full Waves : The wavy whiskers on the face are full, and they also form a cute moustache and goatee which is an excellent match for the slick back hairstyle.
  24. Extended Chinstrap : Instead of making your chinstrap beard design thin and neat you can spice it up by leaving short hair above it to create a shadow look.
  25. Glamorous Horseshoe Moustache : The beauty of this design is from the horseshoe mustache. These handlebars connect to the extended goatee and the style also has a smooth fade around the ear.
  26. Thick and Full : This beard styles only requires you to grow out your facial hair. It has some thick strands on the chic and a short mustache connected to a goatee and soul patch.
  27. Detailed and Connected : It is amazing how the small horseshoe mustache in this design connects to the extended goatee, and it shows how attractive your facial whiskers can look with a little grooming.
  28. Extra Short Stubble : You can get this beard style by going without shaving for a couple of days or shaving your facial whiskers to an extra low level.
  29. Wavy Short Whiskers : Some men have wavy whiskers on their face, and this look is what they get when they keep them short and uniform.
  30. Sweet and Well-Groomed : If you are one of the men that have hair in all the right parts of the face, this is the look that you get when you chop the strands short. The design entails lining up the strands skilfully to create a neat and defined appearance.
  31. Full and Medium Size : Full and medium size facial hair is perfect for men that have a long mane. And if you also have a thick soul patch and handlebars like in this style you will look majestic.
  32. Chin Strap and Moustache Combination : A chin strap is about joining your sideburns to a strip of hair on your jaw line. In this beard style, it combines with a moustache to create a simple but attractive design.
  33. The Classic Style : Short beard styles are not just about keeping your facial hair as short as possible. This design maintains long whiskers throughout the face, and it has a bald fading around the ear to create a disconnection with the slicked back strands on the head.
  34. Effortless Medium Stubble : Medium stubble like this one is fantastic and it requires minimal maintenance, and this explains why it is most men’s favourite beard style.
  35. Slicked Full Beard : This small facial hair design is just a regular full beard without any shaping up or outline. But, the wearer brushes it on the cheeks to create a unique slicked look.
  36. Easy and Sassy Beard : This look depends on the growth pattern of your facial hair. It is an adorable design that you can create just by growing out your beard and leaving it untouched.
  37. Sexy Long Stubble : A stubble beard is all about leaving your facial hair to grow out without shaping it up or trimming. For a long one like this you have to go for about a week without shaving, and if you pair it with a small mustache, you will look fantastic.
  38. Nicely Trimmed and Full : Short beard styles are very useful in giving men neat and adorable looks. This particular one maintains a full beard with a neat and uniform trim and a cute mustache.
  39. The Rebellious Look : You can achieve a subversive appearance like this one without having to do much as it only involves leaving some short whiskers throughout the face and with a curved shape up on the sides.
  40. Unshaved Goatee and Moustache : There is nothing much you will need to do for this beard style as it only involves maintaining a natural mustache and a small goatee without any trim.

How to take care of Your Beard Style:

Taking care of your beard should be done appropriately. Longer beards require thorough care to keep it resplendent. Keep in mind that you have to keep it clean at all times as it can be a good haven for bacteria, thus, making you susceptible to infection. Washing it regularly using a mild shampoo and conditioner will keep it soft and clean. Using a conditioner is also advisable. After washing, gently dry it using a soft cotton towel. If there are tangles, use a wide-toothed comb. You can also use beard oils and waxes to keep it well-groomed.

We hope you have successfully found what you want this 2019 with the help of our list of beard styles.

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